1. Trying to catch up on every list I missed when I don't check li.st for a day or two.
    But there might be good ones!
  2. Trying to reformat sentences to avoid ending in a preposition.
    (See title). I'm all for modernizing these kinds of rules, but it still makes me feel just a little icky.
  3. Trying to tell non-designers why their websites are the ugliest.
  4. Being sad at my roommate for moving out for no stated reason and just moving two blocks away.
    I get needing a change. I get it. But I'll miss her.
  5. Reading every book on my to-read list in my lifetime.
    Especially since I just keep adding to it.
  6. Trying to get all of the tiny orange paint splatters off the white frame of my newly-painted door.
    It's so pretty.