1. "You're next!"
    Often said at weddings. This is categorically untrue. I can 100% guarantee someone somewhere will be getting married before me.
  2. "It'll happen when you least expect it!"
    This sounds like relationships are basically sneak attacks. And also, I'm never expecting it.
  3. "It'll happen when you've given up all hope."
    One of my favorite book quotes was from a non-fiction in which the lady said, "How much hope did they think I had left to give up?!" She was 60+ when she got married.
  4. "They're just not good enough for you."
    This seems to be referring to men in general? Again, not true. And it gives me a false sense of greatness. I'm pretty great, but not greater than *every man*.
  5. "At least you're not married to some horrible guy!"
    While this IS true, these are not the only two options.
  6. "Maybe your husband is already dead."
    My coworker said this to me and then I cried. Such a weird, cruel thing to say. Also, I'm only 29.