Weekend Color

It's a beautiful rainy day (yay!) and the rain just makes all the color more poppy.
  1. My newly painted bench.
    I'm in love with its transformation from old wood and black metal.
  2. My accidentally newly painted brick patio.
    I guess this is why they recommend not using spray paint on a windy day even if you do put out a drop cloth like an adult.
  3. My Japanese Maple tree.
  4. My newly painted orange door.
    My 5-year old niece told me I love orange "too much" even though this is the first thing I've painted orange. Just wait until I'm finished! I've still got 3/4 gallon of paint!
  5. Coming soon.
  6. My pattern matching attempt.
    I don't think it was quite successful but I still wore it to church.
  7. The neighbor's yellow...bush of some sort.
    It overflows into my yard. I'm sad that it is the thorniest bush I've ever seen and I'm going to trim it back for everyone's safety, because it is also so gorgeous.
  8. New patio chairs.
    Making the deck my newest happy place.
  9. My purple robe locust tree.
    My favorite tree in all the world. Super stunning in the sun, but today you get grey skies.