I feel like List App is a safe enough space where I can talk about my religion and no one's going to go crazy, right? Right?
  1. We're in a cult.
    I don't know anyone that's made a death pact. Maybe you don't believe what we believe, but that doesn't mean we've been brainwashed or are crazy. Everyone's got their own way of explaining life, death, and the world in general.
  2. We want to force our religion on you.
    We do have missionaries that proselytize and teach people who are willing to listen. It's not because we want to force you into something, it's because we've found something that makes us happy and we want others to be happy, too. But if it's not your cup of (herbal) tea, we still like you.
  3. We're polygamists.
    Fact: early Mormons did practice polygamy. It was discontinued in the 1800s. There are some churches that splintered off the LDS church that practice it sill, but they are not part of our church and it is not condoned in any form. I feel weird about polygamy, but I also feel weird about slavery, so what ya gonna do?
  4. The Olsens are Mormon?
    Okay I don't know that real people believe this but I saw a lady make a comment on a website today that she thought The Olsens (Mary Kate/Ashley/Elizabeth) were probably Mormon because they dress so modestly and have a lot of kids. Church members do tend to dress more modestly, but nothing crazy. We just cover our shoulders and thighs, but it's not a requirement. Sometimes it is hot (heat-wise and I guess hott if you're into covered shoulders).
  5. We all have a lot of kids.
    I don't actually know that many huge families. There are three kids in mine. I can think of maybe two families that I know that have 5+ kids.
  6. We're all Republican.
    Okay so some Mormons believe this too. My uncle was shocked the other day when I said that I identify as way more Democrat than Republican. I think this has much less to do with religion and more to do with region.
  7. We're not Christian.
    I guess this depends on your definition of Christian? Because the way I see it: believe in Christ ✅; teachings based on Christ's life and ministry ✅; believe in the Bible ✅; try to be good people ✅.
  8. We wear magic underwear.
    Some of us do wear underwear called "garments" if we've chosen to go to the temple (kind of like a rite of passage ceremony?). They're basically just a symbol of devotion much like a cross necklace or a yarmulke. Ours just happen to be a little more hidden.
  9. People = Church
    Another truth that applies to other groups/churches. Just because you met one crazy Mormon doesn't mean that's what the Church teaches or the rest of us believe. Everyone's got the choice to be who they are and sometimes they choose to be crazy. Don't judge a church with millions of members based on your one zealous neighbor.
  10. If you've met one of us you've met us all.
    I think this is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to any group of people. Not all Mormons are the same; not all Brits are the same; not even all elementary school teachers are the same. Sure we have characteristics instilled in is due to a shared belief, but we're all still very unique individuals.
  11. And for some reason this is the first GIF that comes up when you search "Mormon".