1. Kermit is losing the theater...again.
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    Seriously, maybe this guy shouldn't be in charge of the business. He's always on the verge of losing the theater.
  2. Suddenly Piggy is in a Scrubs episode.
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  3. Fozzie gets hunted and tranqued by Steve Irwin (impersonator).
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  4. Then he goes through a "tree painting" facility and comes out looking like the Grinch.
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  5. Then subsequently gets chased by a group of angry Whos.
  6. In a world without Kermit, Beaker is totally ripped.
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    But this is actually awesome.
  7. In order to get out of the "It's a Wonderful Life" vortex, the angel spits in Kermit's eye.
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  8. Miss Piggy and Joan Cusack get in a karate fight.
  9. Whoopi Goldberg is God.
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    Also kind of awesome.