What Made ME Happy Last Week

  1. Sidewalk graffiti by my house.
    This picture feels so painfully cheesey but also I like it? I took it as a joke because it feels like one of those pictures just begging for a million Insta likes.
  2. The fanciest basketball game.
    This is the face I make when I feel awkward about taking a selfie on the second row of the Utah Jazz game. And the face I make when I just ate a lot of amazing crab legs in the rich-people dining room.
  3. The Pirate Queen (play)
    This was two weeks ago but I keep thinking about it. Based on a true story of Queen Elizabeth I vs. an Irish pirate queen. So fascinating!
  4. Talking to my aunt
    Started as a post-dinner question and turned into an hour in the kitchen with me suddenly bawling out of nowhere. But in a good way?
  5. A new recipe: Easy Ground Pork Stir Fry
  6. A forgotten bookmark.
    Found this in my library book. I think it's handmade. I feel sad for the person that left it, but happy for me.