I haven't written one of these in a while, because I haven't felt very happy, quite honestly. But it turns out writing a list of happy things and counting your blessings actually makes a crappy week seem pretty okay.
  1. I finished the series "Bomb Girls" about women working in a bomb factory in Canada during WWII. It was so delightful but also there was a terrible death that I'm just pretending didn't happen.
    But every time I finish a series I feel so empty! What will my life be now?!
  2. When I refused to go to an event because people would ask about my life and I had nothing to tell them, my dad said, "You can tell them you have grubs in your lawn! That's new!"
    Ever the optimist.
  3. My SIL made up a very stupid song and told her children it was a real thing. Now she keeps having her daughter leave me voice mails and videos of her singing the song to prove its real (it's not).
    (Loosely sung to the tune of "Bad Boys") 🎵 Big jumps, big jumps, that's what they do! Dirt bikes are made to jump for you. Big jumps, big jumps. 🎵 (this is my niece reading the lyrics she wrote out)
  4. I had two doctors appointments on Wednesday so I took the day off and went on a hike in between.
    It was supposed to be a 45-minute hike but turned into an hour and a half and would have been longer if I wasn't starving. #beUTAHful
  5. My friend-cousin had her first baby and she's wanted to be a mother for as long as I've known her (which is her whole life) and my heart is just so happy for her.
  6. I finally finished revamping my bathroom and I feel like a home-owning superhero.
    I installed a new light fixture, towel rack, toilet paper holder, and mirrors. I AM WOMAN! I also put in new art. There are three of them but one fell down in the night. You can't win them all. Prints by https://www.etsy.com/shop/lauraamiss