What's Making ME Happy This Week

  1. On Sunday a 3-year old boy whispered to me, "Your fingernails are SO pretty!"
  2. Weezer is coming to SLC!!
  3. And they're touring with Andrew McMahon!!
  4. And the concert is three days before my birthday!!
  5. Grapefruit bundt cake
    Just so so good
  6. Watching Napoleon Dynamite at the gym
    I don't remember smiling so much during a workout before. (Not making me happy: Watching "The Fault in Our Stars" at the gym. Tears make it hard to see the treadmill.)
  7. A visit with my grandpa
    I wish he understood that I really DO want to hear about his life and experiences. He's done and seen amazing things! Also, he's very worried about how I keep my driveway shoveled and that's adorable.