1. Because once upon a time I was driving with my brother and SIL and their kids.
  2. My nephew pointed out a motorcycle and my SIL started singing a made-up song about motorcycles.
  3. "Oh, you know...that popular motorcycle song..." she said.
  4. 🎤 "Big jumps, big jumps, that's what they do! Dirt bikes were made to jump for you. Big jumps, big jumps."
    Loosely set to the COPS theme song, "Bad Boys".
  5. I had the gall to suggest it wasn't a real song.
  6. For the last six months I've been receiving voicemails and videos of her and her kids singing me this ridiculous song.
  7. Sometimes it gets stuck in my head.
  8. And even I've forgotten it's not real.
  9. So I reference it in a li.st title as if people will get the reference.
  10. The power of suggestion is real.