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  1. The digital thermometer
  2. The 'good' ice cream scoop
  3. The little orange bowl
  4. My "Weird Al" Yankovic doll.
  1. Melodica
    A little musical sequencer toy.
  2. Playing Carl
    Talking Carl with musical instruments. Exploding piano is a fav.
  3. Lightsaber FX
    The only official Lucasfilm Lightsaber app. Looks like they gave up on it years ago.
  4. Scorekeeper XL
    Really great score keeping app. I really hope they update it.
I just upgraded from a 2007 Chevy HHR. Here are a few things about it that my new car doesn't do.
  1. Automatic Headlights
    When it gets dark out, the headlights go on. It's optional on my new car, but didn't come with my trim model.
  2. Automatic volume adjustment
    When the car goes faster, the radio gets louder. I miss this several times a day!
  3. Automatic door locks
    When you put it in gear, the doors lock. When you put it in park, they unlock. I keep having to remember to lock the doors in my new car.
  4. Other stuff I hardly used, but still miss.
    Dashboard glove compartment, remote start, 10 minutes of power after you remove your key, storage under the floor
  1. An "Attachments" folder in the Photos app
    Instead of going thru all my messages to save photo attachments it would be nice if iOS just put them all in one place for me.
  2. An iTunes app button in the Music app.
    It would be nice if I could tap a button to take me to the iTunes Store to buy a song instead of only being offered an Apple Music subscription.
  3. Anniversary calculations in Calendar app
    It's great that the Calendar app reminds me it's my friends' anniversary, but why not tell me which anniversary so I know what kind of gift to get them? You do it for birthdays.
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I've always named my cars. Because, growing up, all my favorite cars had names.
  1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Sleek as a thorobred, seats like a featherbed.
  2. The Mach 5
    Adventure's waiting just ahead!
  3. Herbie the Love Bug
    The incredible little car who shifts for himself!
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The computer games I couldn't get enough of when I was playing them.
  1. Spectre ('91)
    The classic capture the flag, tank battle game for Macintosh. It was one of the first games you could play over a network against other people. My signature move was firing while driving in reverse.
  2. The Incredible Machine ('92)
    I would stay up half the night playing this Rube Goldberg machine construction game. So much fun.
  3. Myst ('93)
    The game everyone was playing. It was a primary reason to buy a CD drive. I played every night for a couple weeks when I got it and finished during a marathon weekend session. (I had to cheat on the maze in the Selenitic Age) Speaking of Marathon…
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And the people who told me so
  1. Harold Lloyd
    My grandmother
  2. Sean Lennon
    My mother
  3. Kyle Chandler
    My mother
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Emojis that don't, but should, exist.
  1. A flag at half mast
  2. A black arm band
  3. A person saluting
The best thing about this is what it says
  1. The only thing is that you can get it right now
  2. I'm not going to get my money
  3. I love the way you are not in my room
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  1. The thing in my car when I brake hard
    I was only going 20 mph! And that guy cut me off! Should I not brake!? Ugh!
  2. The printer at work when it needs paper
    Can't you just tell me you're out of paper when I try to print something?
  3. Someone else's cell phone
    I don't know who's it is, but it's somewhere on this floor. And whoever is calling is not giving up.
  4. The water fountain filter alarm
    I remember when we didn't use to filter water. I used to drink right out of the hose when I was a kid.