The computer games I couldn't get enough of when I was playing them.
  1. Spectre ('91)
    The classic capture the flag, tank battle game for Macintosh. It was one of the first games you could play over a network against other people. My signature move was firing while driving in reverse.
  2. The Incredible Machine ('92)
    I would stay up half the night playing this Rube Goldberg machine construction game. So much fun.
  3. Myst ('93)
    The game everyone was playing. It was a primary reason to buy a CD drive. I played every night for a couple weeks when I got it and finished during a marathon weekend session. (I had to cheat on the maze in the Selenitic Age) Speaking of Marathon…
  4. Marathon ('94)
    Spectre was just training for the first-person shooter games that I'd discover later. Marathon was the first of these. I would stay late and play on a team with a guy at work.
  5. Quake ('96)
    Quake was peak FPS for me. Played with the same guy at work. We did the whole game (15 levels?). First as allies, then as enemies, then started over at a higher difficulty setting. And when we played it out, we discovered custom maps built by other players. Endlessly entertaining. My handle was "Baron Crimson" and my specialty was shooting while running backwards. (Really had to know your maps)
  6. Carmageddon ('97)
    Another game I played with the same guy at work. My handle was "Skid Marc." Really great mechanics/physics. I have the iOS version, but it's not the same. I miss playing this game on the desktop.
  7. Riven ('97)
    The Sequel to Myst. As beautiful as Myst was, Riven looked even better. The puzzles were just as engaging and the soundtrack was amazing. I was so into the game I think I finished in a few days, then just wandered around the game for a while.
  8. Not much of a gamer these days.
    Of all the games on this list, Quake is the only one that is still able to run on my iMac. I occasionally play a level when I can, but being a grownup takes up a lot of my time. Now my gaming is mostly on my iPhone and iPad. But that's another list. 😉