1. An "Attachments" folder in the Photos app
    Instead of going thru all my messages to save photo attachments it would be nice if iOS just put them all in one place for me.
  2. An iTunes app button in the Music app.
    It would be nice if I could tap a button to take me to the iTunes Store to buy a song instead of only being offered an Apple Music subscription.
  3. Anniversary calculations in Calendar app
    It's great that the Calendar app reminds me it's my friends' anniversary, but why not tell me which anniversary so I know what kind of gift to get them? You do it for birthdays.
  4. The ability to name credit cards in Apple Pay
    I've got two cards from the same bank that look exactly the same. If I could name them, like "Checking" and "Joint checking," then I could tell them apart.
  5. GIFs in Photos app
    C'mon, Apple!