A look into the exciting life of a graphic designer for an insurance company.
  1. Emailed a vendor to ask where my file is. For the third time in a week.
    He's sorry for the delay and he's going to check the status. For the third time in a week.
  2. Made edits to several files and sent them back for review.
    No one is reviewing them. In two days I will be asked where they are.
  3. Released several files to print vendors.
    Released one file several times due to circumstances beyond my control.
  4. Formatted 25 head shots of new hires.
    Touched up 12 pimples.
  5. Listened to two podcasts.
    Upgrade and Accidental Tech Podcast.
  6. Helped the new guy.
    He worked here for nine months, but forgot everything in the two months since he left and came back.
  7. Wrote this list.
    Technically, it's the only thing I made today.