A quick run-down of my List-related chores and goals
  1. Invite GF
  2. Take advantage of beta mode and attract attention of high-profile List users with compelling List content
  3. Continue to produce compelling List content
  4. Get lots of emails from celebs
  5. Name drop celebs a lot at gatherings of non-celebs
  6. Be insufferable but in demand
  7. Get a 6s for faster, better list making
  8. Alienate non-celeb friends and fam
  9. List celeb friends hook me up with a sweetass production deal, I'm now a multimedia powerhouse
  10. Alienated non-celeb friends come crawling back
  11. Get involved with sexy charity
  12. Shove my success (and philanthropy!) in everyone's face
  13. Slowly grow older, regret very little
  14. I become a healthier version of Stephen Dorff in "Somewhere"
  15. I'm Alec Dorff