Not trademarking things (tho that has its own thrill level, to be sure). Talking 'bout Transcendental Meditation. Do any Listers do it? I know @lenadunham has sung TM's praises.
  1. Russell Brand called it a "mental shower." I agree...
  2. ...I experience TM closer to a dive. Like pearl diving. I'm in utter darkness, and there is some glowing white piece of energy I'm heading towards.
  3. People have asked me about the price. Is it worth it? For me, absolutely. As a copywriter in advertising and a fiction writer in life, I've received so many ideas. Not during meditation, but after.
  4. Like my mind had chewed over the idea during the day, and TM helped me digest it.
  5. I decided to do TM for several reasons.
  6. I had started a challenging job at a great ad agency in Portland.
  7. I felt I was consuming so much info throughout the day: news, Twitter, images. My mind needed a break.
  8. It seemed Portland itself was throwing off TM vibes (I may not have learned had I remained in NYC). The city was telling me I should do it while I was there.
  9. Plus, my grandfather had done it. When I was little, I thought he was just taking a nap. I've never been good/enjoyed naps. So TM is that break for me, minus waking up grumpy.
  10. Finally, though I liked other forms of meditation, I became nervous if I was doing something wrong: letting my mind wander, not getting the breath right, etc.
  11. There's no wrong with TM. It's one of the best investments I've ever made.
  12. 20 mins. first thing in the am, 20 mins. at night. A free vacation!
    Suggested by @angusisley