What are yours?
  1. Kenneth telling Nancy Donovan to "shut her mouth"
  2. Jenna's ad for Tokyo University
  3. Tracy doing standup and making a joke about how people eat lobster at St. Barts.
  4. Liz singing cheesy blasters
  5. Salma Hayek telling Jack she's "Co-co for Coocoo puffs"
  6. Liz Lemon yelling "IIIITTT"
  7. Liz's haircut for Deal Breaker
  8. Liz singing night cheese
  9. "What's wrong Ken? You got wife eyes."-Tracy
  10. Liz Lemon's background vocals at the hipster restaurant.
  11. Randi throwing wine at a dog.
  12. "Listen 5's a 10 is talking" -Jenna