Major Turning Points in My Life

  1. That time at Subway I canceled my order because there was no avocado. (Don't settle)
    If you've ever been to Subway you know that avocado is one of the last things you add on your sub, so yeah I'm kind of a big deal for canceling it then. I used to settle because I didn't want to deal with an uncomfortable situation, but not anymore nerds.
  2. Being introduced to 30 Rock
    NBC Thursday circa late twenty-tens and early twenty-teens is the basis for my humor.
  3. Failing a project in class
    I didn't finish my project because I knew it wasn't going to be perfect. Then it turned out no one had a perfect project but they all had a finished one.
  4. Being introduced to Neopets
    I learned graphic design because I wanted a really cool profile and guild. Now I'm a designer in real life.