1. First off I become famous by being a reoccurring character on a hit comedy show on NBC, ABC, or FOX. (Not CBS, but maybe the CW).
    "That guy is so funny he should be a supporting character". This show lasts no more than 5 seasons.
  2. I am asked to provide voice overs for a hit cartoon
    "That's the guy from my favorite show, that ended" This cartoon would have really great writing and be how I make the majority of my money. 💸💸💸💸
  3. Famous enough to be on the last 15 minutes of Good Morning America. (HI MOM!)
    "Wow he is so relatable, what is he from again"
  4. Star in a Nintendo DS commercial. (Not an Apple commercial because that's for sell outs)
    "That dude does the voice for my favorite character in my favorite cartoon, also I can't believe they still make the Nintendo DS"
  5. Famous enough to be asked to write and perform in a Cotton Inc. commercial.
    "Let's get Marco to write and perform a song, he's obscure enough"
  6. Famous enough to be a filler guest on Jimmy Fallon
    "Why is Jimmy talking to the guy from the Cotton Commercial?????"
  7. This is what I call "Ingrid Michaelson" famous
    Famous enough to have Taylor Swift in your contacts, but still be able to go to In n Out without a security unit.