My sister gave me a list of tweets and told me these are underrated. Maybe all the tweets from @marcoreroll are rated just the right amount.
  1. If I had the power to stop time, my catchphrase would definitely be: Not This Time!
    We are starting out strong with this one. I think this could be grounds to build a whole new comic book franchise??
  2. When is Jesus coming back for season two?
    One day, the creator is just gonna have to listen to the fans.
  3. I want a cooking show where I only use a microwave.
    This is no longer true. I want to only eat the finished product and just google how it got made.
  4. It's a head count when they are alive. A body count when not so much.
    This one is dumb. How can someone be not as live as another person? You're either dead or alive. On or off.
  5. I get all my medical advice from Yahoo Answers.
    At least until my insurance stops covering it.
  6. I miss you, but my aim is getting better.
    Let's less than three each other as friends.
  7. Catfish: Two guys and Google get a show.
    Sometimes I wonder if I could ever get catfished, but then I remember that I don't go the Internet to meet new people like the Internet might have originally intended us to do. I use the Internet to mostly tighten the relationships I already have. Anything else feeds my social anxiety.
  8. "Untied States" is one of my favorite typos
    Bro, your states are untied.
  9. There better be an epilogue when I die.
    It can go something like this but I'll leave the decisions up to my ghost writer: He was laid to rest until his remains provided the necessary nutrients for a beautiful cherry blossom tree to sprout and thrive alone in his backyard. His family was super chill about him passing away to a new life.
  10. Achievement Unlocked: Professor knows your name.
    All those years of being a teacher's pet really makes you miss those tight relationships between mentor and student in college.
  11. Sometimes I get too scared to try to slip in a hoodie. How do I know for sure that there's no spiders in it?
    Oh snap. Here I go pondering my mortality again.
  12. Any wall can be a door if you believe in yourself.
    Believe in yourself or whatever sledgehammers might be near you.
  13. One day I'll be brave enough to send all of my tweets I saved as drafts. Until that day... *locks phone*