One of the blessings of directing The ASMs was getting to know the screenwriter Alvin Sargent. He helped write the first movie as well as dozens of others (Ordinary People, Paper Moon, Julia, Gambit). He's 88, has 2 Oscars and is one of the wisest humans I've met. Here's a few pearls (some from scenes, some from casual conversation):
  1. Everything means something.
  2. Get to work. Be creative. We must be greater than what we suffer.
  3. Caution is a thief.
  4. Stop meeting women who catch fire and burn. Grow their gardens. Be a gardner. Not an executioner. I will send you a fire extinguisher.
  5. My life its brush slugging and thrashing is becoming a collage.
  6. Like the gypsy told me the poems written in life lines are never guaranteed.
  7. Take care of yourself. Women can feel so minimized so quickly because society has put them too often on the defensive. In the system of fairness they are delicate and yet they are so powerful at the same time.
  8. I hate lettuce.
  9. Liars always know the truth.
  10. I talk too much. Let's dance.
  11. Only God can give orgasms.
  12. When the bird sings it cares not for you, beware its song. It sings only for Itself.