1. Princess Calla from the Gummy Bears.
    My first profound sexual feelings were for a cartoon character. This may explain something about my adult life.
  2. Katie F.
    Long, dark hair. Tall and kind. Very good at math.
  3. Lisa H.
    Those eyes.
  4. Kim E.
    Her father was my orthodontist. She was clever, made people laugh and had naturally great teeth.
  5. Kaya V.
    9th grade. The white skirt and her knees.
  6. Debbie L.
    Gymnast. Without my knowledge, my older brother unsuccessfully crushed on her before me.
  7. Amy B.
    The catholic girl who mysteriously emerged from parochial middle school to our public school. Sat in front of me in Latin. I invented a lifetime for us while I should have been memorizing vocab or perhaps having a conversation with her.
  8. The girl at the circus.
    One day we went to the Barnum and Bailey circus museum in Baraboo south of Madison where I grew up. She was a young performer in a sequined leotard. Her beauty was dazzling.
  9. Sonja H.
    She made me skip school one day to read me the first 30 pages of Catcher In The Rye near the zebras at the Vilas Park Zoo and my life was never the same.