I can't believe no one has done this yet.
  1. Hungarian Rhapsody
    Great for a cocaine binge.
  2. Liebestraum
    This moment where Franz stuck his boney fist up Bach's dead ass rectum and said fuck suite no. 1, my cello is going to make my bottom bitch weep honey tears. Boom!!
  3. Les Preludes
    That bitch Brahams plays like a slutty alley cat in heat. Watch us drop this phat arpeggio, clean yourself up coming on your own stomach and then sit the fuck down. Cause your ass is in school.
  4. Rhapsodie Espagnole, S. 254
    Tell that twat who's dismembering the first twelve bars of Fur Elise that maybe they'd prefer to take a dump on your floor. It might be more pleasant and fitting with their talents. You want to know if you got heat on the ivories - try playing this motherfucker. Hard. As. Fuck. It'll make you dream of satin sheets and the first time a girl accidentally rubbed her breast against your arm.
  5. Consolation No. 5
    Alright this sounds like fucking elevator music. Give the mother a break. He did more by the time he was 8 then you'll do ever.
  6. E-flat Piano Concerto
    Hey Mahler- Liszt much? No he dint! Yes he did! Owwww!
  7. Fugue and Fantasy
    Franky's about to go Nosferatu on your broke ass. Bach ain't got nothin on me. Toccata and what?! Sit down and let this bitch lay some motherfucking pipe right up in you. His organ got flow, dog. Suck IT. Dropping this for my lost brother Meyerbeer!
  8. Legendes de Saint Francois: F. Assisi
    An airy spring lilting with sentiment and the thrilling trills of happy woodwinds. Perfect prelude to say... a wedding. Or a night of bloody fight clubbing.