1. Prince
    No brainer. But we had to do a little edit- keeping her ears away from his nasty years.
  2. Led Zeppelin
    I have actually quizzed her in this from a young age- when people Ask you if you like the Beatles or the Stones- you say-"Led Zeppelin"
  3. David Bowie
    Mostly the ziggy stardust time
  4. Depeche mode
  5. AC/DC
  6. Journey
    She loves his voice and found out that he is 1/4 Korean. You will see this connection again.
  7. Ya ya ya's
    Because Karen Oh is 1/2 Korean. Like her.
  8. Yaz
    Not sure how she found out about them.
  9. Heart
    Used to be higher on this list- she named her fish Ann and nancy Wilson when she was 3.
  10. Mgmt
    Also used to be higher. She was really into wearing headbands like them at 2.