My favorite lunch bags of the year.

My husband is a tattoo artist and a huge music fan (and base player). Every morning he makes a different lunch bag for my girls lunch.
  1. The Cure turns into The Grub. Eat me, eat me, eat me. Pretty phallic- now that I look at it! Ha!
  2. Lunch and Rockets.
  3. Depeche Mode- Lunch Mode.
  4. Straight outta Placerville. NWA- switched to my girls initials- pretty clever Mr.Kim.
  5. Protect Ya Lunch- Wu Tang coming for ya!
  6. Devo! Or Grub. I love jello molds!
  7. The Banshees!
  8. Eat today! gorilla biscuits
  9. Of course a Korean nod!
  10. Bauhaus awesomeness
  11. Aahhhh I miss him so!
  12. The Vandals - a little bit inappropriate for elementary school- but good anyway.
  13. The Hangtown Dolls. That's the nickname for Placerville, Ca where we live! Sorry New York Dolls!
  14. Deflunch- white pony
  15. There are many many more - one for every school day. But these are my favs...