I married a Korean dude so I could eat Korean food more often.
  1. It's clean
    Most Korean food is a combo of veggies and meat
  2. It's spicy
    Depending on what you order, it's usually spicy in various ways- always flavorful. If it's not spicy, you can easily add it with a side dish (kim chee)
  3. Tons of soups
    I could - and do- eat soup for breakfast lunch and dinner. My favorites are kim chee soup and tofu soup- oh yeah- and fermented soy bean soup. After I had babies my mother in law brought me seaweed soup everyday for a month- um- ok- yum!
  4. Tangy and sweet and savory
    Korean food always involves a bit of tangy. Kim chee, fermented soybean paste, and pickled veggies. It really just rounds out a meal. Every bite can potentially involve all of these- like a piece of galbi ( marinated beef that's slightly sweet) a bit of kim chee wrapped in s pice of seaweed. Perfect.
  5. It communal
    I'm a big fan of long meals with tons of friends. When you go eat Korean bar-b-que. it takes hours. It's fun- you can snack a bit and come back. Very social- I also like fondue for the same reason.
  6. Fruit for dessert
    At Korean markets they always have amazing fruit. Crunchy peaches, giant grapes, and melons of all kinds. My husband's family always cuts up fruit after a meal- whatever is in season. It's the best- and it stops you (me) from eating crap.