Basics of hair cutting
  1. Concave/convex.
    These words are used in hair dressing, but it can get confusing on a round head. Study up!
  2. Graduation
    The building of weight- anywhere on the head.
  3. Bangs vs. fringe
    If you live in America we say bangs. If you are from England, or any British colony you say - fringe.
  4. Volume, lift, or height.
    Usually means a big blow dry- it can also mean adding some teasing or back combing.
  5. We actually talk about the bones of the head
    Temporal, occipital, parietal. These bones are important - for sectioning and for some people who have exaggerated head shapes- you can help by working with these guys.
  6. Layers
    Layers are the removal of weight. You can have shorter or longer layers. But they are always blended. There is no such thing as one or two layers.
  7. Point cutting vs clean lines
    Pinot cutting add a softness to the shape. Clean lines are - well clean.
  8. Razor cutting or taking out weight.
    Razor cutting is an extreme way of making a cut soft. Taking weight out. You can do the whole cut with a razor or do the cut with scissors then remove weight with a razor.
  9. Ok- now you have too much information about hair cutting!