1. Never ending packing and sorting
    You have to make a decision on every item in your life. Looking through every corner. Exhausting-🎸🔬📖🎨🎮🏈🎿🍷🍳✂️📗📇📪🔨💣🔑🔌☎️📻📺🎓🎅🎃. Yesterday I spent 2 hours on my desk alone.
  2. Having a time crunch
    This works in both ways- it can be motivating or stressful- depending on the day or moment.
  3. The fear of the unknown
    Finding your new peeps. Best food and support staff- doctors, dentists, etc..
  4. Boxes
    Paper cuts. Finding more. Getting rid of them after.
  5. Saying goodbye to your life
    This is a big one for me. I hate ending things. I still haven't watched the last 3 episodes of Breaking Bad.
  6. Feel free to add on.
  7. I