This is my one of my favorite spots in CA- if not earth! Beauty beyond compare!
  1. Camping at fernwood resort.
    Nothing fancy- but they have a cool stream that runs through and a beautiful meadow.
  2. Eating at Nepethe
    This place is really yummy- and they make a good margarita. The kids can run around outside if you want to eat there. It's just a nice property with an amazing view!
  3. Pfeiffer beach
    This beach is stunning! The sand is actually purple- due to to large amounts of amethyst. Crashing waves and sometimes there is a lagoon you can hang at with the little ones!
  4. Fresh air
    You are in the mountains and at the coast. The air is super fresh and so clean clean.
  5. Looking at houses
    Some people have yerts- some have trailers- some have the coolest giant mansions- you've got it all. Every time I come I'm convinced I'm moving here - then I come back to reality after looking at prices- ouch!
  6. Hanging with friends
    Picture this- meeting at the campsite in 2 hours. Breaking out the wine and snacks. Letting the kids loose. Having a laugh. Maybe a game of dog bingo. Simple. Happy.