My DVR proves I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Please note: the list of shows I DVR and actually watch sometime close to when it airs is embarrassingly long and therefore unpublished
  1. Better Call Saul season 1
    How have I not watched this yet you guys?
  2. The Jinx
    Yes I know I could just watch it on HBO Go when I get the time but I'm scared I'll forget to watch it if I'm not reminded every day.
  3. Mr. Robot season 1
    Technically only most of season 1 because I watched two episodes
  4. Falling Skies final season
    This show is dumb but I like it anyway. And I watched like 5 seasons already so I have to see how they wrap it up. Also, when will Noah Wyle get to play something other than a nerdy adventure dude?
  5. So You Think You Can Dance (most recent season)
    I refuse to dump this show because even when its gimmicky some of the dancing is just so stellar. But the two hour episodes make it insane to tackle.
  6. Masters of Sex (most recent season)
    I love the acting on this show. I just have no tiiiiiime.