Or not panic as much
  1. Notice when you feel tension or stress because you feel you need to change something
    You feel you must stop your own or someone else's (especially, your mate's or kid's) action. You feel a strong need to change one of your or another's habit or figure out a "better" way of doing something - like parenting or performing a job.
  2. What is the worst thing that could happen if you do not act?
    Imagine really living through the worst consequence of your inaction- keeping status quo. Did you or anyone die or get seriously physically or emotionally injured? How statistically likely is the worst-case scenario? If it's likely to be really bad, then do what you can to prevent it. Otherwise, go to next step.
  3. What is a good thing that could happen if you do not act?
    Think of as many benefits to you, loved ones, or others as you can of keeping status quo.
  4. Notice what happens if you do not act.
    What effects directly resulted from you keeping the status quo? Did the worst thing happen? If so, was it as bad as you predicted? Did something unexpectedly good happen for you or anyone else?