awesome suggestion, @farren
  1. technological singularity
    are we even in charge of ourselves anymore? what will the future be like? NOBODY KNOWS AND I AM BOTHERED
  2. aliens/other life
    I feel like there's no way we are the only intelligent beings in this universe who practice self-control and feel emotions? seems selfish to act like this is it. but where are the others! will I get to see them in my lifetime?!
  3. marriage, as an institution
    it's an outdated concept but I still want to get married? I think? it wouldn't be a problem to co-habitate but look at all the benefits you get with marriage!! how do I even know who I want to spend the rest of my life with?
  4. happiness
    how can I ever be satisfied with my life? when will life stop handing me good? what if I'm an adult and nothing cool happens to me anymore?
  5. death
    I don't fear dying but you know what's weird? burials. also weird is cremation. both freak me out--a decaying body in the ground or burnt remnants of your body. so I have no idea what I want done to me when I die.
  6. having children
    the idea of growing a human inside of me freaks me out, so so much. I don't want to do it, I may adopt, idk. I don't think it's so wrong to not want to have to put everything I have toward this other person, like can I even take care of myself right now? the weirdest thing I've ever heard is people wanting to continue on their bloodline or whatever. if you are just a good person and impact others with your presence, so be it. chill, y'all.
  7. what do I like to do?
    I can't even answer the question "what do you do for fun?" what is it? make lists on this app? read a book I've read a million times? why am I sometimes content with listening to music and staring at a wall? is this all my life will have for me!??!! FARREN, SOS
  8. humans are insignificant
    we are tiny blips on the universe's radar, we are not here a long time in the grand scheme of things, but one person can also make all the difference. each experience is unique, but even if it doesn't contribute to society's greatness or whatever I feel like a life worth living is simply one that you personally enjoy. i don't think it's selfish to want what you want and nothing else.