Letterman came back to his alma mater and interviewed filmmakers Spike Jonze and Bennett Miller
  1. "You wouldn't have to wait in line all night for tickets if you started charging."
    This was David's response after we watched a video about students who camped out in extremely low temps and high winds to be some of the first to get the free tickets. I was not one of those people, I sat like five or six rows from the back. It was still cool.
  2. "By the way, I don't have a show anymore."
    That's ok David. We still love you.
  3. "...there's a deer licking the salt off her lips."
    David told us a story from Thanksgiving of his 94 year old mother drinking margaritas at dinner. I'm not entirely sure how true the story was but he said she ended up asleep in the backyard.
  4. Some kid thought David Letterman was Charles Darwin
    Ok, I'm not confident in the truth of this anecdote but David has a really ample beard right now so it would make sense.
  5. "I wonder if Ball State would offer us some honorary doctorates."
    Bennett Miller didn't finish college. Spike Jonze didn't go to college. This was Bennett's solution.
  6. "I didn't realize how nervous people are when they give you 80 million dollars."
    Spike had some issues with the studio when he directed "Where the Wild Things Are." They thought it was too dark and scary.
  7. "...you have to be open to your plan not being perfect."
    Bennett touched on how directing is always happening throughout the production of a film. You have to constantly rework things to see what works the best.
  8. "Is Brad Pitt really handsome?"
    David has never met Brad Pitt! Spike said yes, he is very handsome.
  9. "My whole life I wanted to be a stuntman..."
    Spike's other calling? He rolled out of a cab one time. He was drunk and "the cement was so hard."
  10. "It was painful to look at. It was like an SNL sketch."
    Bennett on Philip Seymour Hoffman's initial performance in "Capote." He said Hoffman seemed to be doing an impression at first. Eventually, he embodied the role so well that Bennett considers Hoffman he best actor he has ever worked with.
  11. "I called [Spike Lee] by mistake."
    A diss from David Letterman himself.