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  1. nick drake
  2. waxahatchee
  3. gilmore girls
  4. pretending to be bedridden
experience is the best teacher
  1. eggplants are not always purple they can be yellow or white
  2. eggplants are not vegetables they are technically fruits
  3. parsnips are root vegetables not a cute nickname for parsley
  1. it's honestly such a major list
  2. there's so much to say
  3. I've been working on it for a few days now and I'm still not quite there
  4. I take a lot of pride in my work
  1. I said I was the girl who asked you to read the story about the guy who is really adamant about how he doesn't want to go to the moon and @bjnovak said thanks it was a good choice
  1. boys with long hair
  2. teenagers having coed sleepovers
  3. dads babysitting their own children
  4. snakes washing up on the beach
  1. when the neighborhood chinese place doesn't give you a fortune cookie after the meal just bc you didn't actually get a plate for the buffet and mooched everyone else's lo mein
  2. when there are also neither candy nor mints in the lobby
miss you lovedog
  1. fergberg
  2. ferg
  3. bergberg
9 more...
  1. he's always looking fresh
  2. he's always ready for his close up
  3. the rainbow connection and it's not easy being green are jams
9 more...
  1. rereading harry potter
  2. road trips
  3. writing anonymous clickhole style articles for the cchs voice
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  1. pomegranite
  2. raspberry
  3. peach
  4. blackberry