I've babysat and nannied for literally half my life and come across a lot of different family styles. Some better than others. Here are the better ones
  1. Any family who spends time showing me how to use the wifi/remote for their fancy tv
    Listen, I love kids. But let's be honest, at some point they are going to go to sleep or be occupied and I'm gonna want to check what's happening on the Internet/with the kardashians. Also, by giving me the wifi password, you are preventing the light snooping I was going to do (also, shot-in-the-dark password guessing "child'sfirstnameyeartheywereborn" " pet'sname" "address")
  2. Any family with good snacks
    Basically the same as above. I'm a person, people!!!! Trader joe's chocolate bars? Weird fancy chips? Yes please. Bonus points for anyone who tells me to "help myself"
  3. The super cool family who lived next door to me when I lived off campus in college.
    Cool mom, hottie dad, hip kids. These children dressed better than I did and will almost certainly be cooler for me for the rest of my life. Once the 5 year old drew smiley faces all over my crossword puzzles. The 3 year old had a little mouse he called "blue bear." The littlest was a BABY, so automatically cool. We'd hang out, they'd go to sleep, and I'd watch cable and eat snacks.
  4. The nannying job I had in grad school
    I got to hang out with a blond curly haired baby. She slept a lot and I did my homework. When she woke up we hang out. I had a nanny friend and we'd all go to the aquarium together. Got to have a hip, young, mom fantasy without the sleep deprivation.
  5. The three year old I nannied for in high school
    She was the best little lady I ever knew. It's weird to be friends with a 3 year old but we had a lot of fun that summer. They had a little tv and pretty mediocre snacks, but her and her mom's heart were so sweet it didn't even matter.