Last weekend I was at brunch with my dad's three sisters. One of them mentioned she was going to Vermont. Another responded "beautiful this time of year," and the rest of us finished "all that snow"
  1. "If you were in New York, sir, you'd have to pay 6.60 or even 8.80"
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    Just some good comedic number work
  2. "Without so much as a 'kiss my foot' or 'have an apple'l
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    What's that voice?!?!? What does that mean??!!?!?
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    The best part of this line/bit, I think, is that in some writers room in the 50s, a bunch of dudes decided that it was so funny. "This is going to play so well, you guys"
  4. "Even guys with two left feet come out all right if the girl is sweet"
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    I grew up watching this movie every winter, so this and the movie Grease gave me super false expectations for romance. Still haven't danced on top of a boat, thank you very much.
  5. "It won't be long before a little nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh Eskimo pie"
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    Okay fine I don't really know this line. Still in my head though!,
  6. Snow, snow, snow!!!
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    I just always have these little trees ready to make a snow scene with a napkin.