Inspired by @alexdwyer63
  1. Static
  2. it's Rise Up in Japanese
  3. it's No Regrets in Hebrew
  4. it's Never Quit in Spanish
  5. it's Always Love in German
  6. it's Rock On in French
  7. Static
  8. it's because I'm a star
  9. it's because you're a star
  10. it's because everyone is a star
  11. it's because Yellow by Coldplay is my jam
  12. it's because Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was my favorite childhood song
  13. Static
  14. it's a pumpkin because Halloween is my favorite holiday
  15. it's a pear because shoutout to all the pears
  16. it's a orange inspired by Trump's skin tone
  17. it's a peach because booty>>>>
  18. it's a tomato because Veggie Tales is the gospel truth