lol not really, kinda
  1. I have always wanted to be called Maggie
  2. I mentioned that to some friends a few weeks ago
  3. not like "everybody I want you to start calling me this" because I hate it when people like randomly decide they want to go by their middle name or something and you have to try to remember it every time you see them
  4. I just mentioned it in passing
  5. and they've remembered!
  6. that group of people has genuinely made an effort to call me Maggie
  7. I didn't ask them to do it and I was not expecting it
  8. and it makes me SO HAPPY
  9. they're such better people than I am
  10. they just picked up on how much that would mean to me, and they were happy to confuse their brains for me and call me Maggie when they all know me as Margaret
  11. wow I feel so loved
  12. and anyway, so I decided to change my name on here too, because y'all are cool and don't know me in person anyway, so I feel less bad forcing this change on you
  13. 97% of people in my life will always call me Margaret, and I made my peace with that long ago
  14. but I didn't realize how happy being called Maggie by even those few friends would make me, so I got excited and now y'all have to too
  16. I turned 20 last Saturday. I just thought y'all should know I'm not a teenager anymore and I didn't wanna make a whole list about it. That's all.
  17. And sorry I've been absent, I was working through some things with myself and I needed a minute. Also, it was partially bc I couldn't deal with all the Gilmore Girls lists bc I've never seen it and I'm a little tired of hearing about it, sorry.