1. this badass gingerbread house I decorated
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  2. Christmas cookie I decorated. Pretty sure it was supposed to be a donkey from the nativity scene, but Lil Sebastion is cooler soooo
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  3. Just a happy, peaceful moment for me. / PS- plz dont ask me how many times I've read it
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  4. s'cute w the cousins
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  5. view from hotelroom in Austin
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  6. important political graffiti
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  7. me and my sister at the graffiti park
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  8. my name is Margaret Mae and I'm pretty sure I was named after this bar that I've been hearing about my whole life, though my parents deny it
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  9. polaroid from NYE. (feat. chipped nail polish)
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  10. taken as I undecorated our Christmas tree on January 1. It just made me really happy that the containers that we put the red and gold beads in used to hold Blue Bell.
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  11. FINALLY. this needed to happen about a year ago, but better late than never, I suppose.
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  12. my mom made me laugh because she asked me to get her keys out of her purse for her, but I was confused bc it was right next to her, and then she exasperatedly explained that she couldn't get them bc she was in the middle of a v important word-search/boggle-type game on the iPad... idk maybe it was a HTBTM, but it made me laugh
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  13. walking Molly and Dill. I miss them so bad when I'm in College Station.
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