1. this badass gingerbread house I decorated
  2. Christmas cookie I decorated. Pretty sure it was supposed to be a donkey from the nativity scene, but Lil Sebastion is cooler soooo
  3. Just a happy, peaceful moment for me. / PS- plz dont ask me how many times I've read it
  4. s'cute w the cousins
  5. view from hotelroom in Austin
  6. important political graffiti
  7. me and my sister at the graffiti park
  8. my name is Margaret Mae and I'm pretty sure I was named after this bar that I've been hearing about my whole life, though my parents deny it
  9. polaroid from NYE. (feat. chipped nail polish)
  10. taken as I undecorated our Christmas tree on January 1. It just made me really happy that the containers that we put the red and gold beads in used to hold Blue Bell.
  11. FINALLY. this needed to happen about a year ago, but better late than never, I suppose.
  12. my mom made me laugh because she asked me to get her keys out of her purse for her, but I was confused bc it was right next to her, and then she exasperatedly explained that she couldn't get them bc she was in the middle of a v important word-search/boggle-type game on the iPad... idk maybe it was a HTBTM, but it made me laugh
  13. walking Molly and Dill. I miss them so bad when I'm in College Station.