There are lots of reasons that I don't fit in in Texas, but sometimes (like this whole past week) I realize just how Texan I really am.
  1. I live and breathe college football
  2. I will never not want a cow
  3. Like seriously I want a cow so bad
  4. I have a very strong, immutable opinion about every college/university in TX and the people that go there
  5. Deep inside me, country music soothes my soul, even if I never choose to listen to it myself
  6. But only old country music, not the gross new stuff from the 2000s
  7. A ride at Six Flags is named after one of my ancestors
    Also if you're not aware: the full name is Six Flags Over Texas, in reference to the 6 countries that have flown their flags over this great land (Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the USA, and the Confederacy). It drives me crazy when people don't know that. PS- the original Six Flags is like 20 minutes from my house.
  8. Whataburger
  9. Blue Bell
  10. Dr Pepper
  11. I LOVE knowing facts about TX
    like the state bird, state flower, state song, the fact that we're the only state that can fly our flag as high as the American Flag, and that our capitol building is taller than the one in DC, etc
  12. Sometimes I honestly believe that the skies are prettier and bluer here... (also, the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas)
  13. Okay I guess I just love Texas and I'm proud to be from here and I'm just as arrogant and bubble-headed about it as all the stereotypes say. I CAN'T HELP IT. IT'S NOT MY FAULT.
  14. I guess this sums it up.
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  15. I get offended when I'm in another state and they have a Whataburger. Like, no, what did you do to earn that privilege