1. ā€¢
    I cannot believe this.
  2. ā€¢
    My heart and soul hurt.
  3. ā€¢
    This is actually insane.
  4. ā€¢
    I do not have/I cannot find any words to express the thoughts going through my head right now.
  5. ā€¢
    Also, the fact that Florida was so close and that gave Trump all twenty-nine electoral college votes is hurting my brain.
  6. ā€¢
    And what in the hell was Utah was thinking, not that it mattered, but what on earth.
  7. ā€¢
    And oh my God.
  8. ā€¢
    Oh. My. God.
  9. ā€¢
    To all my non-white, lgbtq+, non-wealthy, disabled, or non-male friends: Iā€™m sorry. I am so so sorry. šŸ’›šŸ’›šŸ’›šŸ’›
  10. ā€¢
    update: I will hurt Corey Lewandowski if he keeps saying words on CNN right now.