Inspired by all the people, like two weeks ago. // this gets kinda personal/spiritual(?)/weird(?) for a second, sorry
  1. M A R G A R E T
  2. I was named after my mom’s grandmother, Margaret Elizabeth Barton. I never got to meet her, but here are some things I know and love about her:
    She raised my grandpa and his seven older siblings in what was essentially a one-room shack in south Texas during the Depression. She worked hard and loved her family. She would save nickels for her eight kids so that they could go see a movie every now and then.
  3. I used to really not like my name because it sounded like an old lady name to me.
  4. My name means Pearl, which used to just further emphasize the old lady vibe to me. Then when I was in highschool, I was required to read The Scarlett Letter. Side note: I happened to be going through a particularly low point at this time. Anyways, Hester names her daughter Pearl.
    The book explains how she didn't name her Pearl because of any resemblance the baby had to a pearl, "But she named the infant 'Pearl,' as being of great price - purchased with all she had." When I read that sentence, I immediately started sobbing. It just reminded me that Jesus bought me at a great price, that I was a treasure to Him. It was such a clear reminder of my inherent worth, that I really really needed at that moment. Ever since then, I haven't disliked my name as much.
  5. but hey, I was almost Olivia which would have been WEIRD AF
  6. M A E
  7. I got my middle name from my dad’s grandmother, Dollie Mae Woodul. I never got to meet her, but here are some things I know and love about her:
    She was a hardworking woman of many talents. She had a juke box in her house. She was a big part of my dad's life after his dad/her son died when my dad was eleven. She was funny and kind. My dad called her Gram.
  8. I like my middle name more than my first name.
  9. W O O D U L
  10. Assuming my parents don’t adopt any boys at this point in their lives and that my sister and I both get married and take our husbands' names, the Woodul name will die with me and Melissa. This makes me sad when I think about it, so I tend to not.
  12. I was not actually named after Maggie Mae’s, the bar on 6th Street in Austin.
  13. I was not named after the Rod Stewart song, Maggie May.
  14. I was not named after the traditional Liverpool folk song, Maggie Mae, that The Beatles released on their album, Let It Be.
  15. I did always want to go by Maggie though. But alas, I'm just Margaret...
    ... or Mags or Marge or Margey or Margo or Margarita or Marg or Margie or Peg or Marvin or Margarine one of the other many things I get called that aren't Maggie 🙄