I should be studying for finals right now so I can stay in college, but I care deeply for this show, and will thus spend an unreasonable amount of time making this list.
  1. Dwight K. Schrute
  2. Jim Halpert
  3. Stanley Hudson
    I want him to be my grandpa. He doesn't give a shit and it rocks. Plus he's secretly a sweetheart.
  4. Meredith Palmer
    Also doesn't give a shit. / Single mother in school and working.
  5. Kelly Kapoor
    Mostly so high bc I freaking love Mindy Kaling. / Her character is honestly so relatable sometimes, it's scary.
  6. Darryl Philbin
    he's the bomb.com
  7. Michael Gary Scott
    love ya long time
  8. David Wallace
  9. Creed Bratton
  10. Phyllis Vance
  11. Hank
    the security guy, if you didn't remember
  12. Mose Schrute
  13. Kevin Malone
  14. Angela Martin
  15. Holly Flax
  16. Erin Hannon
    too oblivious, it drives me crazy
  17. Andy Bernard
    annoying, rude to Erin, irresponsible, needy, but somehow still likable.
  18. Nellie Bertram
    drives me crazy, but she's got a good heart
  19. Toby Flenderson
    freakin Toby the evil snail. so annoying. creepy crush on Pam. ew.
  20. Pam Beesly
    doesn't deserve Jim.
  21. Karen Filippelli
    deserves Jim less than Pam.
  22. Oscar Martinez
    so annoying. know-it-all. redeeming quality: when he helps Angela after she splits from the Senator
  23. Jo Bennett
  24. Nate
    like who even are you and why can't you hear
  25. Gabe Lewis
    the worst
  26. Robert California
    the worst
  27. Jan Levinson
    the worst
  28. Ryan Howard
    the worst
  29. Todd Packer
    the worst.
  30. people who almost made the list, but didn't deserve it/I didn't know what to do w them
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