1. She is mad at me because she doesn't like any of the pictures of her that have appeared on my lists.
  2. For the record, I think they're cute.
  3. So I told her I would make a list of only good pictures of her to show y'all that she's cool.
  4. Even though literally none of y'all know her in real life. (*eye roll* bc she's ridiculous)
  5. Anyway, here are some "Tatum approved" pictures followed by some facts about our friendship:
  6. Static
  7. Static
  8. Static
  9. Static
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Tatum and I met through a mutual friend (@dariela96) during finals week a year ago, because we were all studying at a starbucks I think.
  13. The next time I saw her, she was at mine and @dariela96's apartment and we had a lip-sync battle. We duetted to High School Musical.
  14. It was fun, but we didn't really become friends until later that night when we bonded over our love for The Beatles.
  15. Fast forward a year and the core of our friendship is still our love for the Beatles.
  16. We stay up til ungodly hours of the night watching movies like Across The Universe and Nowhere Boy when we should be studying.
  17. We cry together about the fact that we weren't teenagers in the 60's and how John Lennon is gone.
  18. I guess I like other things about her besides The Beatles things, maybe.
  19. Jk obviously I love her so much, that was just the foundation.
  20. Anyway, we're roommates this year and that's pretty cool.
  21. She's my favorite roomie.
  22. She's the only other person in this house who has a sane view on this year's election.
  23. She'll give me a rides to/from northgate, and I'll not judge her when she's stupid about asshole boys.
  24. We have a jar where we put funny quotes from each other and on the last night that we live together, we're gonna read them all and cry.
  25. She lets me hang out in her bed 24/7 because I go to her room to hide from the rest of the house.
  26. Speaking of her bed, I started my period all over her expensive white duvet cover while she was gone over Thanksgiving break and she didn't even kill me when I admitted it to her.
  27. It's cool though bc she steals all my t-shirts.
  28. We hate the same people. This is a major key to friendship.
  29. She doesn't kill me when I don't do the dishes for like two weeks.
  30. When I'm being insecure and I text her things like "come home and tell me I'm cool and you're never gonna betray me," she actually does it.
  31. Anyway, she rocks and I love her. The end.