‼️SPOILERS‼️ BUT ONCE YOU'VE SEEN IT PLEASE RETURN AND DISCUSS THESE THINGS WITH ME // also, this might not make a ton of sense because I'm exhausted and I'm probably about to just ramble all my thoughts out here. I'll check it in the morning to make sure it's not complete gibberish before posting.
  1. overall impression: I liked it
  2. and the way the magic was done and the feel of the whole thing was just like the 8 Harry Potters!
  3. It felt so good to be back in the magical world 💛
  4. it was so magical!
  5. but at the same time it was super American and new
  6. and the 1920's New York costumes/set/everything was all awesome
  7. ugh and I loved getting to see all the creatures! and their adorable personalities!
  8. in the original eight, really the only nice magical creatures with pet-like qualities we saw were Hedwig and Buckbeak (and they didn't even include buckbeak after the 3rd movie 🙄)
  9. and I guess technically Dobby counts too, but not really bc I think of him more like a human. #SPEW #SPEW4EVER
  10. oh and I enjoyed the little rivalry that Newt and the sisters had about Hogwarts vs. Ilvermorny for like two seconds that was cute
  11. omg and the muggle/nomaj Jacob was the best wow I love him so much
  12. and the scene with Newt trying to seduce the Erumpent was too funny! and the Erumpent's face was adorable
  13. and the Obscurus was pretty dark and Graves was creepy af, but I thought it was acceptable
  14. and when Graves was Grindelwald and Grindelwald was Johnny Depp, I died. I was unprepared to see him in a Harry Potter movie like what lololol
  16. 1st and foremost: why was Newt traveling by boat? I'm pretty freakin sure you can apparate between countries. like are you a wizard or nah?
  17. why have we never heard of an obscurus before? they kinda seem like a big deal. Like we should have at least heard it mentioned in a class in passing or something before, even if it wasn't explained!
    you can't just go around making up new magic after the fact, Jo! (just kidding, you are queen, you can do whatever tf you want)
  18. okay so was Ariana Dumbledore an obscurus? that is so sad I'm crying
    but I felt like her "outbursts" were never described as that intense. Someone talk to me about this
  19. and was Grindelwald trying to like harness Credence's/the Obscurus' power? that's what was happening, right? that's what I got
    but if that was true, then why didn't he try to do that with Ariana??
  20. and I'm definitely gonna need a more detailed timeline on Grindelwald. How do we get from him being in the American Magical Congress custody to being defeated by Dumbledore????
  21. and what was he doing in America anyway??
    I don't like that he was in America bc that makes him seem like a bigger deal than Voldemort? And Voldy was suppost to be the WOAT (worst of all time?) and he was never in the USA, he was just taking over Europe, right? Or was he and I missed that? Or was Grindelwald supposed to be on Voldy's level and I missed that too?
  22. and I NEED the deets on Leta Lestrange
    less of a question, more of a demand
  23. (also there are probably more questions/comments I will remember when I'm less tired, goodnight)