what happened today when I said "fuck it" and decided to give myself a break

careful, things got out of control
  1. β€’
    I literally spent ALL yesterday and most of today studying because I decided it was a good idea to take 14 hours IN THE SUMMER
  2. β€’
    so every weekday I'm in class from 9:40-4:00 and working from 5:00-9:30, and every weekend I pretty much do nothing but study, because, you know, #summerfun
  3. β€’
    and at like 4:30 today my roommate asked me if I wanted to go swimming with her
  4. β€’
    and initially I said "no, I can't I've got to do all this stuff for school"
  5. β€’
    but then I said "fuck it"
  6. β€’
    and I want swimming with my roommate
  7. β€’
    and relaxed by the pool
  8. β€’
    and we went to HEB (aka the best grocery store chain in the world, for those of you who aren't from Texas)
  9. β€’
    and bought good "I'm not worrying about the consequences" groceries
  10. β€’
    and came home
  11. β€’
    and listened to good music
  12. β€’
    and made INCREDIBLE burgers
    I put cheese and bacon and a fried egg on mine
  13. β€’
    and drank some sangria
  14. β€’
    and baked cookies
  15. β€’
    and watched an episode of the office
  16. β€’
  17. β€’
    now everyone is in bed and I'm gonna be up for another 5 hours studying
  18. β€’
    but it's okay, because today I let myself have a fun chill summer day like a 19-year-old should every once in a while
  19. β€’