I learned so much actually!! But here are just 15 things I found particularly interesting:
  1. Sam Houston wasn't from Texas
    He was born in Virginia and was actually the governor of Tennessee before finding his way to Texas where he played a key role in the revolution against Mexico. Then he was both the first and third president of Texas.
  2. The vote to make Texas a state of the US passed with 95%
  3. Between 1850 and 1860, the population of Texas tripled
    We went from 200,000 people to 600,000 people.
  4. The federal government owned/owns no land in Texas
    which is why the Indian reservations were made on state land.
  5. My great great great great uncle was kinda crazy
    His name was Judge Roy Bean. The "Judge Roy Scream" at the original Six Flags is named after him.
  6. Texas was ahead of the curve on women's suffrage issues. Hell yeah!
    Texas was home to Minnie Fisher Cunningham
  7. We never found Pancho Villa
  8. The only race riot when more whites died than blacks happened in Houston
  9. LULAC was formed in Corpus Christi
  10. The Permanent University Fund only gives money to the UT and TAMU systems, no other public universities in Texas
    Side note- originally 2/3 of the fund went to UT and 1/3 went to TAMU, so that's rude.
  11. Texas recovered from the Depression faster than other southern states
    According to my prof, this was because during FDR's New Deal, Texas accepted federal aid more readily than the rest of the south, because other states still wanted to maintain more control over their black populations.
  12. The Texas Centennial was a part of the New Deal programs
    In 1936 (the 100 year anniversary of Texas' Independence), the Texas Centennial was held in Dallas. The grounds built for it are still used for the Texas State Fair.
  13. Oveta Culp Hobby was the highest ranking woman in the army during WWII
    There's a dorm named after her at TAMU. I walked past it this morning.
  14. There are 254 counties in Texas and roughly 50% of our population lives in only 9 of them.
  15. El Paso, TX is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Orange, TX.
    and Texline, TX is closer to Bismark, ND than to Brownsville, TX.