the motto of my life as of late
  1. β€’
    WIN: I called my sister on Friday to tell her that there was that documentary about Hamilton on tv that night
    this might not seem like a big deal, but it was to me. We have a really rough relationship and I'm trying to love her better.
  2. β€’
    LOSE: breaking my laptop the night before a big paper is due
    @nikkilounoel you're mix tape is gonna be delayed while it gets fixed- I'm sorry😁😭 Also, if anybody wants to venmo me $700....
  3. β€’
    WIN: my roommate's mom brought a giant casserole dish of chicken spaghetti when she was in town last Sunday and it fed us for a week
  4. β€’
    LOSE: losing to Alabama
    but, I mean, who can blame us?
  5. β€’
    WIN: I have some really good people in my life who listen to me and encourage me and pray for me and hold me accountable to things
  6. β€’
    LOSE: my front bumper is falling off
  7. β€’
    WIN: fall!!!! pumpkins!!!! hot chocolate!!!!
  8. β€’
    LOSE: my throat hasn't stopped hurting in three weeks
    like really bad
  9. β€’
    WIN: I'm kinda mentoring this girl through a program called Youth Impact through one of the churches here in College Station and the whole thing is just going so well and better than last year
  10. β€’
    LOSE: I'm failing Spanish
    I really wanna learn Spanish
  11. β€’
    WIN: I get to go to Austin this weekend to see my friend Sarah and also see The Head And The Heart
  12. β€’
    LOSE: found out on Friday that my grandmother has cancer in her kidney
    docs are pretty sure it's contained and she's gonna be fine, it just really caught me off guard
  13. β€’
    WIN: I get to go home next weekend and see my dogggg ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
    @katiabouza is coming with me, it's gonna be lit
  14. β€’
    LOSE: everything costs money
    like seriously whyyyyy I am dying over here
  15. β€’
    WIN: I think I'm gonna have a goodish halloween costume for once maybe idk
  16. β€’
    LOSE: my life just kinda feels like it's falling apart right now, ya know?
  17. β€’
    WIN: I have a car, a good living situation, a job, an amazing school, a big God, a support system, etc.