This may or may not be based on my real life move to Atlanta, Georgia back in August of 2015.
  1. No matter where you are, you're lost.
    It's okay to cry, your GPS won't judge you so long as you treat her with respect as she mindlessly drives you in circles in support of bringing you to the closest froyo shop.
  2. Making friends is hard.
    Welcome back the first day of high school where you do not know anyone. Only guess what, this isn't high school, so the chances of you making friends every Tuesday evening at Target is highly unlikely. So here's your permission to cry while binge watching The Office in bed every night after work.
  3. The Starbucks barista doesn't know your name or your order.
    Okay, maybe physical tears don't fall for this first world problem, however tears of the heart are real. So, RIP to the days where Felicia at the Town Center Starbucks would write "Have a great day Marge" on my grande miso blonde coffee.
  4. Mailman Jorge becomes your savior.
    Joyful cries flow from your new found savior Jorge the mailman who not only delivers your now forwarded junk mail, but also brings you well-wishes mail from your friends and family (cards from grandparents may or may not include a $20 bill).
  5. Cable channels become confusing.
    All I want to do is tune into Monday nights Bachelor In Paradise. *cries* what channel is ABC in HD? *cries* Why do we have 3000 channels?! *cries* Kylie Jenner have blue hair. *cries* DANG IT, WHO GOT THE DATE CARD?!
  6. Supermarket floor plans are basically a labyrinth.
    I hate to break it to you, but your new Target store layout will never compare to your hometown Target store layout. Crying is permitted if A. You can't find the deodorant isle and B. If you passed the deodorant in isle 7 at least three times while looking for the correct isle.
  7. Life in a new city is not how sitcoms make it out to be.
    Moving to a new city, getting new roommates, going to the grocery store - you aren't in an episode of New Girl. Schmidt is not there to keep your house clean. You're not going to magically fall in love by rear ending a guy in the parking lot of Publix. So cry. Cry it all out, but be quick about it because you're not going to want to miss your own private sitcom of life in your new city. Go get 'em tiger!