1. Why didn't I pay the extra $30 for a 10am?
  2. I thought seat E was an isle seat.
  3. If this baby cries the whole flight I will cry the whole flight.
  4. Coffee or final boarding call... Hmm.
  5. Shut your window, the sunrises everyday but not on a 5am flight thank you.
  6. Is it too early for a beer?
  7. I need to pee.
  8. My headphones are in so don't talk to me.
  9. What if the plane goes down?!?!
  10. Did unplug my curling iron?
  11. Why did I curl my hair for a 5am flight?
  12. Ugh I need wifi.
  13. My arm itches but I can't give up this arm rest.
  14. Maybe if I go to the bathroom I'll meet someone with an empty seat in first class.
  15. I'm going to cry, I'm never having babies.