Jk, you are all beautiful. Words of wisdom acquired over the years that I wish someone advised to me growing up- I hope this helps! Skin regimen steps numbered by order it should occur. This is not subjective to only women; it is applicable to men as well!
  1. 1. Double Cleanse Your Face
    Washing your face twice a day (morning and night) is a given, but the best advice I've ever received (and astonished that no one emphasized this point to me before) was from my esthetician during a facial, which was to wash the face two times to activate the skincare. I usually first go in with an oil-based cleanser to dissolve any makeup and dirt from my face, then I go in with a foaming cleanser afterwards, as the skin has already been prepped to allow the product to absorb into the skin.
  2. Suggestions: Philosophy Purity; Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. For those on a budget, Mario Badescu has high quality products for a very reasonable price. I recommend trying the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. I would describe it as PacMan chomping at pellets, except it's enzymes eating away at dead skin cells.
    I recommend using something that applies to your skin type or needs, i.e.: if you are prone to acne, use a salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide based cleanser; anti-aging, use retinol or collagen-infused products; etc.
  3. 2. Invest in a Clarisonic
    I have noticed such an improvement in the texture of my skin and also how smoothly my foundation glides on. It cleans 6x better than just washing manually and helps the skincare you put on afterwards absorb more effectively. I usually find that I only need to use this once a day.
  4. Suggestion: Clarisonic Mia 3
    Note: The number is based upon how many speeds the device has. If you want it to take off your makeup, buy the 3 speed.
  5. 3. Exfoliate 2x a week
    Exfoliation polishes away dead skin cells, revealing a youthful radiance. I would advise against using ones with large granules, such as the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, since it can actually damage the skin surface. Chemical exfoliators and peels work well since they contain glycolic acid.
  6. Suggestions: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel; Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash
  7. 4. Nourish With a Mask 2x a Week
    Masks are often very powerful and give your skin an extra push to kickstart the skin renewal process.
  8. Suggestions: Glamglow; Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Mask; Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask (This foams up on your face like a magic trick. Try it!)
  9. 5. Tone Your Skin
    Cleansing strips the skin of its natural oils, so using a toner helps to rebalance everything. (The general rule of thumb is to use the products more watery in consistency first, then work your way up into heavier creams)
  10. Suggestions: Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion; Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner; Lush Tea Tree Water; Witch Hazel is a great natural and inexpensive alternative
  11. 6. Repair With a Serum
    Using moisturizer is always a point that is stressed, but serums take home the gold, in my opinion. Serums penetrate into the deepest-most layers of the skin, where moisturizers often can't reach. This helps the cell rejuvenation process immensely.
  12. Suggestions: Lancôme Genefique; Shiseido Power Infusing Concentrate
  13. 7. Treat With a Dark Spot Remover
    Whether it's acne scars, sun spots, or age spots, using products with hydroquinone or licorice root will help brighten the skin over time, reducing the appearance of spots.
  14. Suggestions: Fresh Peony Spot-Correcting Brightening Essence; Clinique Dark Spot Corrector
  15. 8. Consider Using Oils Instead of Moisturizers
    If you don't see a huge difference in using traditional moisturizers, try an oil. This often freaks people out with oily and acneic skin, but oil combats oil. Often times, the over-production of oil means that there is not enough oil being produced; so to counteract that, it's healthy to feed oil back into the skin to help readjust the levels. Of course, this is ideal for dry skin as well, since it is highly moisturizing.
  16. Suggestions: Josie Maran Argan Oil; Tarte Maracuja Oil; Boscia Tsubaki Oil
  17. 9. Switch Between a Day Moisturizer and a Night Moisturizer
    Night moisturizers are essentially too heavy for daytime use and day moisturizers commonly have sunscreen in them, deeming it useless at night. For those with dry skin, I recommend using products with ingredients like squalane or hyaluronic acid, since they are known to retain large amounts of moisture.
  18. Suggestions: Algenist Genius Cream; Perricone Cold Plasma
  19. 10. Don't Neglect the Eyes
    This sensitive area is notorious for creping and a noticeable area for aging skin. Also, this is a problem area for those with dark circles, so using a brightening eye cream will help.
  20. Suggestion: Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate; Origins GinZing Eye Cream (This one brightens but doesn't contain any trace of sparkle, to help you avoid looking like Edward Cullen in the sunlight)
  21. 11. Spot Treat Pimples
    For those pesky pimples that pop up once in a while or during that specific time of the month 😒, use a drying formula to shrink the size by morning.
  22. Suggestion: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
    Note: Don't shake it up, it's intended to remain separated when you dip your Q-Tip in
  23. *If you need any help finding drugstore alternatives, let me know!